Saturday, July 3, 2010

How to draw an Easy Cartoon Elephant

Learn how to draw an easy cartoon Elephant and you will have a cartoon character that people will never forget.

This elephant is the pride and joy of the Big Top Circus so much so that his name is Big Top. Sadly though, shows have been cancelled recently due to his extreme peanut addiction. His twelve step program includes apologizing to all of the children he has stolen peanuts from in the past.

Here we have a picture of Big Top about to fall of the peanut wagon.

Monday, June 28, 2010

How to Draw an Easy Cartoon Horse

Learn how to draw a cartoon horse and you'll have a sweet ride--off a cliff?

This stallion is living on the edge. Spooked by even his own shadow, this horse seems to be always running and always getting in even more precarious positions by doing so.

Horses can be a little tricky to draw. Their legs are very complicated; but the great thing with cartoons is that we can simplify it as much as we want!

Note this horse's legs are nearly straight making the nightmare of drawing horses an easy trot.

Friday, June 18, 2010

How to Draw an Easy Cartoon Dinosaur: T-Rex

The great and terrible Tyrannosaurus Rex can be a fun lovable pal in cartoons. Learn how to draw an easy cartoon T-Rex and you'll have the coolest most dangerous pal ever.

This T-Rex is fairly simple, hope you'll enjoy this drawing tutorial so you'll be able to create your own goofy dinosaur character. 

Friday, June 11, 2010

How to Draw a Cartoon Woman Step-by-Step

Sexy Cartoon Woman Flirts at the Bar
Cartoon women come in many shapes and sizes, but we usually like the super-attractive ones as main characters.

Here is my cartoon version of my partner Cyndi. This cartoon version of her is also an example of caricature. Cyndi is a tall beautiful woman with a long neck, long legs, long blond hair and huge hips.

Now it isn't caricatured as well as it would be if it were meant to be a full caricature, the hips would be wider, the bum would stick out way more, and the neck would be much longer.

Cyndi is a fun seductive character with a wee bit of zaniness. In this scene we have the cartoon woman, Cyndi, flirting with the cartoon man, Coady.

How to Draw a Cartoon Woman Step-By-Step

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

How to Draw Cartoon People: Cartoon Man

Look for the animation below!!

Learn How to Draw a Cartoon Man and you'll have a plethora of characters at your disposal.

This character is the one I use when I make animations about me--coadytnp. So, it's somewhat of a caricature of some of my most prominent features, blue eyes, chin strap beard, awkward long hair bordering on a mullet and a big goofy perma-smile. Average body shape with overly plain clothes.

Probably not a description you'd want to write on a dating site, but definitely works ok for a cartoon character.

This tutorial will have a few more steps than the previous tutorials, so you may want to take more time looking at it and studying the some of the ways to draw cartoon people.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

How to Draw an Easy Cartoon Truck

Get in your pickup and away we go. Yeehaw!

Learn how to draw an easy cartoon truck and your characters will be able to mosey on down to the local hoe-down.

So get yourself in gear, pick up your pencil/pen and get ready to sketch this simple truck.

How to Draw an Easy Cartoon Truck

Monday, May 17, 2010

How to Draw a Cartoon Monkey

You'll go bananas when you learn how to draw cartoon monkeys! Cartoon Monkeys are great characters because they are so easy to give character to.

This little guy is off on some adventure swinging on a vine with a little snack to eat along the way.

Click the title to see all the steps in detail.