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How to Draw a Cartoon Bear Cub

Cartoon Bear Cub
Cartoons bears are highly popular characters to add to your projects. They just seem so lovable as cartoons. Learn how to draw cartoon bears and you may be able to create a character on par with Yogi and Boo-boo bear, Winnie the Pooh, the Care Bears, the Berenstain Bears, and the list could go on.

The bear we'll be creating is a bear cub who wants to become a circus performer. Ever since Jr. Bear watched Disney's "The Jungle Book" and seeing Baloo bear perform "The Bear Necessities", he has been practicing new moves and songs in his room. He's hoping to perform at this years "Teddy Bear's Picnic".
Let's hope Papa Bear will be approving.

We'll be learning how to draw Jr. Bear step by step.

Step 1: Draw the Bear Cub's Outline

Cubs are like kids, their heads are bigger than their body (at least cartoon kids' are). Also, to be a star performer, you need to have a big head.

Make a pear shape for the body, and make it look like it's tilted a little forward. Place the wide oval of a head on top of your pear shape and make sure the bottom left of the head is where the neck would be. This will make it look like he has his chin up.

When drawing the legs, make sure they look like they are spread, but also keeping your cub balanced.

Step 2: Draw the Cartoon Cub's Head

Now it's time to shape the face. Cartoon bears generally don't have a round head. at least in the position our bear is in.

First, I'd suggest adding the mouth area. Now bears in real life don't actually have this feature, but for cartoons it bears up the colour in the face an makes it a bit more interesting to look at. So, draw a couple of oval shapes intersecting at 90 degrees or just freehand the shape like I did.

Draw in a couple of eyes. Note at the bottom of the ovals for the eyes, I have line curved upward to make it look like he's smiling.

Draw in the hair and connect the bottom of the hair to the snout--but make sure it doesn't attach to the very outside of the nose. This gives the feel that the face is behind the snout.

Draw in the ears at the top left of the head. The shape should be a little wider at the outside and get smaller as it comes into the head.

Draw in the arms in the "Tadah!" position.

How to Draw a Cartoon Bear Cub

Step 3: Fill in the Details

Erase all the guidelines, the bears Outline is complete, now to fill in the details.
Add in a couple of circles in the eyes. Make the circles leaning towards the left as if he's looking at the audience (or you). Add the eyebrows to add some character. It kind of makes him look both happy and looking like he's waiting for your approval. Well, how'd-I-do?-kind-of-look. 

Give your bear a nice smile, and an oval nose. 
Draw in the hands (remember cartoons only have 4 fingers). Draw the right hand (your right, his left) as if he's giving thumbs up. 
Draw in the belly mark and his tail. 

Step 4:  Gimme Some Gimmicks

Every cartoon character needs a gimmick--some little thing to distinguish him from the rest. Jr. Bear thinks his schtick needs a cane and a small top hat. 

Remember, Jr. still hasn't told his Dad that he wants to be a performer, so it's not like he has a huge wardrobe to chose from. So, we'll just give him Grandpa's old cane and cap. 

Step 5: Colour Him In

I made JR. brown, it's pretty standard. Make sure you make the snout and the underbelly a light shade of brown, also, the same color can go on the palms of the hands. Alternately for the hands, you can give him some gloves. White gloves are the classic look for main characters in classic cartoons. 

When you color in the nose and eyes, you can make a gleaming look by adding a spot or two of white in the top left and the bottom right of the pupil; and on the nose add an oval shaped white spot. 

Now that you've learned how to draw a cartoon bear you can spif him up any way you want and create a classic cartoon character to tell some great stories with. 
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