Wednesday, April 14, 2010

How to Draw a Cartoon Beaver

Learn how to draw a cartoon beaver and you can become a true Canadian hero, eh? ...and sell hats to the Brits...

Meet Chuck. This little rodent is an ever-friendly beaver who is a hard worker. This little guy may seem friendly and gentle (which he is) but you don't want to mess with his home or else (he'll chuck a stick at you?)...

Add this guy to your drawing repertoire and you'll be able to dam rivers in a breeze.

Step 1: Draw Basic Beaver Shapes

Draw an oval head with a dull point out to one side. Draw a pear-shaped body that is about one and a half heads long. 

Get in a massive tail in the behind. 

Use just basic shapes for the hands so you can fill them in after. 

Notice how close the beaver's feet are to his body. They don't have very long legs. 

Step 2: Connect the Limbs

Connect the Body to the feet. The legs should be a little bent to show how he bares his weight. 
Add a little bend to his arms. All the slight bends in the limbs show that the beaver isn't a completely stiff character and adds a little style. 

Now draw a muzzle that overlaps the edge of the face and goes just a bit over the horizontal center of the face. 

Now I drew his eyes a lot further apart than I usually do with characters, I figured this would give him a more mature look. Of course, feel free to add the eyes closer together. 

If you use a flash program, this will be easy to change. 

And remember to add the cute little ears up top. It's kind of the way you'd draw a Bear's ears, but I tend to narrow them a bit more as the ear gets closer to the head. 

Step 3: Sketched out Beaver

Fill in your hands. Make sure you draw the hand in the background (the left hand to you) is draw an oval with a bump or two on the left outside of the hand. You see with the right hand how the basic shape helps direct how to draw correct shape to make it look like he's either waving, or tell you to halt... 

Add a tummy mark to break up the monotony of a solid belly. 

Fill in the muzzle. The nose a soft diamond shape. The smile itself is pretty standard, but you need to get in the big buck teeth (incisors) common to rodents. 

Draw in some round pupils and then some quick lines to show the inside of the ears. 

Step 4: Add in the Details

Remember to erase the overlapping lines (if you haven't already), Add the stick into his background hand and in the fore hand add a little pad to his hand. 
Add some eye brows to give him an alert happy look. 

Give him a couple of strands of hair on top of his head. Actual beavers look kinda fuzzy, but we need to simplify him to make him a bit easier to replicate. 
Add a shag line to the side of his face. In cartoons, a lot fo the time you only need to add a couple lines to give the message that the fur is shaggy or bristly.

Step 5: Colour Your Cartoon Beaver

Beavers are almost always a couple shades of brown. You'll want the tummy, the hands' palm pads, and the muzzle the lighter colour while the tail should be a darker colour than the body.

Some great accessories you may want to add are some Canadian-coloured (red and white) tuques, and maybe a sweater with a maple leaf on it and see where it goes from there.

Now that you know how to draw a cartoon Beaver, why don't you try to build him a lodge to live in? 
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