Tuesday, April 20, 2010

How to Draw a Cute Cartoon Baby Step-by-Step

Learn how to draw a cute cartoon baby and people will go gaga for your drawings.

Cartoon babies are always getting into trouble. This little tike is no different. "Look at all those scribbles on the wall, mister!"

Looks like Daddy or Mummy may have some scrubbing to do.

Step 1: Draw your babies outline

Babies' heads are about as big as their body--but don't tell junior, he's self conscious...

A lot of times babies' heads will be exaggerated even more. It makes them seem even more unsteady, and making for even more cartoon craziness.

The head almost looks like a gas mask in the outline, we'll be adding more chubby features soon. Add two big oval eyes and a circle for the soother.

The body should look a little bit like a squashed bean. Make it look like his belly is stick out a little. When babies walk, they tend to let their belly weight propel them forward.

Step 2: Connect the limbs

Babies are such cute chubby creatures. Show it in the way you draw the arms and legs. I drew his legs in two ovalish sections that overlap. Baby fat rolls on top the legs. Keep that in mind.

Also, add a chubby cheek out the left side. and give him a tiny nose.

Step 3: Sketch in some Baby Accessories

Erase the overlapping lines.

Baby needs a diaper. We can't just have him pee-pee and poo-pooing everywhere. Sketch the diaper starting from just before the end of the left side to the right side. Make the diaper curve down to the crotch and back up. The diaper should look bunchy, so no straight lines.

Add in the pupils, and the soother handle. Remember to erase the overlapping lines of the legs.

And now you should have a complete outline of your cute cartoon baby. But he's not done yet.

Step 4: Sketch in the Details

Now to give the baby some character.

Add a little bit of hair to the top of his head. A couple of small lines for the eyebrows. and a little ear on the side of the head. All these help beak up the space on that cute widdle head.

To break up the chest and belly (and conveniently to add realism) add two nipples and a belly button. Draw in a couple lines for the toes (Cartoon babies don't have as many as real life ones usually do).

Draw in some crayons and let your baby do some drawing too!
Optionally, you can draw toys in his hand, or whatever you'd like.

Now that you've learned how to draw a cute cartoon baby, try experimenting by adding different features (like thick eyebrows, and a mohawk?) and see what kind of cute cartoon baby you can make.

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