Sunday, April 18, 2010

Learn How to Draw a Cartoon Turtle Step-by-step

"Slow and steady wins the race" is the turtle's motto and it applies to learning how to draw as well. Most people just don't get it in an instant. It takes practice.

Learn how to draw a cartoon turtle and you'll zooming along in your quest to draw better cartoons.

This droopy-eyed dreamer is looking down and watching all the little bugs and laughing inwardly about how slow this poor bugs are and wonders how they can get a long being so slow.

Step 1: Draw the Turtle's Outline

Sketch the turtle's shell. It should look like a soldier's helmet. The tail should be a soft triangle having all the lines slightly curved.

I gave the option to draw the head as a circle and then attach it to the body or if you can manage just draw it free hand. The turtle is looking down which means the neck should be above the head.

Near the center right of the head draw two circles next to each other, the one farthest to the right should be a tad below the other.

Draw in big round eyes and a dopey smiling mouth. The left eye is a circle, but the right eye is a little ovular. The makes a little perspective and adds a little depth to the drawing.

Step 3: Give your Cartoon Turtle Some Legs

Add a line across the eyes to
give him a dopey/sleepy look.
Draw in four legs under the turtle's shell. I've made them go through the shell just to give you an idea of where and why the legs are placed where they are.

When drawing them remember that two legs are in our line of sight, while the other two will be hidden partially by the first mentioned legs.

The legs can be drawn as two soft rectangles. Bend your lines a smidgen.

Step 4: Shell out the Details

I've used 5-sided shapes for the shell,
but experiment and see what you like best. 
Erase the overlapping lines. Make sure the background legs (or the one's farthest from us) aren't overlapping the foreground legs (the more visible one's).

Turtle's shells have unique marks. The convention is to draw angular marks on the shell, usually five-sided shapes. Draw them so they don't touch, but looks like a puzzle that for some reason can't quite be put together.

Draw in the toes on the front of where the feet would be.

Step 5: Colour your Cartoon Turtle

Colour in your turtle with colours that appeal to you.

I used various greens and brown. Make the shell a darker green and the shapes should be brownish or a different colour of green. The outline of the shapes I used a darker brownish-red.

When you're drawing a turtle from an angle more in line with the turtle you can add a yellow belly bellow the shell.

I made the turtle's toenails yellow, to add a little variety of colour.

When colouring in the eyes, leave little spots of white to add a bit of shine. This makes the character look a bit cuter and more lovable--and less like a zombie...

Now that you've learned how to draw a cartoon turtle, you'll have a shell of a time making some great comic strips.

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Gunjur Project said...

Thank you Coady from Canada - your clear instructions have helped us to draw some characters that will help children learn english here in The Gambia and your instructions are asy enough for us to share the skills with the children so they can learn to draw too.