Monday, May 17, 2010

How to Draw a Cartoon Monkey

You'll go bananas when you learn how to draw cartoon monkeys! Cartoon Monkeys are great characters because they are so easy to give character to.

This little guy is off on some adventure swinging on a vine with a little snack to eat along the way.

Click the title to see all the steps in detail.

Step 1: Draw the Monkey's Outline

Sketch a circle for the head. Add the face outline to make it look like there are two cheeks on either side of his face. Draw a little banana shape for the body that's about a head and a half long and add a tail on the back.

Step 2: Draw the Monkey's Arms & Legs

His legs should both be swung back and a little bent. The feet are ovular with three quick lines for the toes.

Draw a circle for the hand at his waste and connect it to his shoulder area. The other arm should be extended ahead of him.

Draw the vine about a head width ahead of him curving like a bow. Have your monkeys fingers drawn around the vine.

Step 3: Draw a Cartoon Monkey Face

Cartoon Monkey faces have a lot of character. Because in real life they are so similar to human faces, it comes pretty easy to infuse them with lots of personality.

Draw the eyes slightly overlapping. and two nice circles for the pupils. Monkey mouths and noses stick out, but since he's making a confused face, I pulled the mouth towards the center and made it a simple circle. The nose is just an arch with two little circles. Draw in two eye brows. One should be straight and pointing down and the other curved.

The ears are essentially circles and the hair on top of his head should be pushed back showing movement through the air's effect. Also draw three little spikes in back to show a little shagginess.

Step 4: Draw Movement Lines

Movement lines are imaginary lines drawn in cartoons to show movement. You don't have to draw a lot of them as you can see.

So I just added three lines behind his head and feet, and then a few at the end of the vine.

Step 5: Colour Your Cartoon Monkey

Cartoon Monkeys are usually a couple shades of brown, with the lighter color on the face, hands and feet. Ears are usually pinkish and, of course, vines are usually green.

Now that you know how to draw a cartoon monkey, you'll have a goofy pet to play around with. Go Bananas!

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stepanie said...

this is really coool but i just wish that they could show you how to draw all the animal:)

CoadyTNP said...

Thanks Stephanie, I will try and get more animals on here soon. It's been a year or so since I've done any. :) Take care, Coady