Wednesday, May 26, 2010

How to Draw an Easy Cartoon Truck

Get in your pickup and away we go. Yeehaw!

Learn how to draw an easy cartoon truck and your characters will be able to mosey on down to the local hoe-down.

So get yourself in gear, pick up your pencil/pen and get ready to sketch this simple truck.

How to Draw an Easy Cartoon Truck

Step 1: Build the Truck Body

Sketch a simple rectangle for the main body of the cartoon truck. On top of that add a square but with the front slanted towards the front where the windshield would be. 

Step 2: Draw the Truck Wheels and Door

Draw two circles. The front wheel should start just past an imaginary line down where the windshield would meet the main body of the truck. The back wheel should be in the center of the box of the truck (where you'd load in wood, or gear or whatever you want). Now add circles in those to add the hubcaps. The door should be rectangular but follow the windshield slant. The window inside the door should do the same. Add a little rectangle for the door handle. 

Step 3: Add Some Truck Lights & Bumpers

Add lights to the front and back with simple small rectangles. Add a long rectangle under the door to make the running board. Add a little bump in the front and back as the bumpers. 

Step 4: Erase Lines and Add Details 

Erase the overlapping lines of the wheels and the lines between the body of the truck and the top of the cab. Add a couple of curved lines above the wheels and a straight slightly tilted towards the back vertical line for the aerial so the truck can catch a good radio heehaw!  

Step 5: Colour your Cartoon Truck

Colour in your cartoon truck any colour you want, and away you go! You've learned how to draw an easy cartoon truck step-by-step! 

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Anonymous said...

this made drawing a truck easy and it got me a better grade on my book thanks