Friday, June 11, 2010

How to Draw a Cartoon Woman Step-by-Step

Sexy Cartoon Woman Flirts at the Bar
Cartoon women come in many shapes and sizes, but we usually like the super-attractive ones as main characters.

Here is my cartoon version of my partner Cyndi. This cartoon version of her is also an example of caricature. Cyndi is a tall beautiful woman with a long neck, long legs, long blond hair and huge hips.

Now it isn't caricatured as well as it would be if it were meant to be a full caricature, the hips would be wider, the bum would stick out way more, and the neck would be much longer.

Cyndi is a fun seductive character with a wee bit of zaniness. In this scene we have the cartoon woman, Cyndi, flirting with the cartoon man, Coady.

How to Draw a Cartoon Woman Step-By-Step

Step 1: Basic Womanly Outline

The Body follows the S-Curve
The first thing I did was draw a sexy S-Shaped line to follow the woman's outline. This provides a good guide on how the body will flow when the drawing is done.

Draw a head with a nose and a little dip for the chin.

The torso should be be leaning with the top to the left and the bottom to the right.

The dress should show bigger hips and get really small by the bottom. This accentuates the womanly curves.

Step 2: Draw Woman Hands, Boots, Neck and Boobs

Cartoon women's hands are very petite.  The fingers should seem pointy.

Draw pointy fingers on her hips with the right side being a little higher than the left to give better looking body mechanics.

Draw the neck coming down from the head and give her a little line indicating boob cleavage.

The boots' heals should just be little points. Note that the left boot's toe is to the ground showing that her leg is lifted a little bit to add to the girly flirtatiousness.

Step 3: Draw Woman Arms

Draw the arms coming out from the shoulders and have them bend at nearly a 90-degree angle. It'll give it the effect of lots of power behind the pose and distribute the weight evenly.

Have the back part of the shirt coming down the back, like she flung it back to show hers goods to Coady who is sitting at the bar.

Step 4: Draw Hair

Draw the hair around the scalp area of the head. Have the solid pointed clumps (for lack of a better word) pointing down to represent the bangs.

*Note the dip in the middle of the hair to show where the bangs start.

Step 5: Draw Women's Eyes

You can only see one eye at this angle because she's turned her head so you can only see the profile of her face. So just draw one tilted oval for her eye. Draw eye lashes coming through the center but make sure it's curved.

Usually cartoons require the full circles in the eye to look "right". But in this pose of womanly charm, it requires a more sultry look. This means that only partial circles are necessary. Two curved lines connecting the eye lid and the bottom of the eye to make the iris and the pupil.

Draw an eyebrow up top and curve it in towards the front of the face. Sexy women always have small eyebrows and they should be perfectly made.  

Step 6: Draw Ears and mouth

Draw a half circle for the ear and a full circle (or really whatever shape you'd like) for the earring.

Cartoon women have full sexy lips, especially when they are flirting. The top lip should be slightly larger and past the bottom lip. The bottom lip can be add on after you've completed the perfect top lip.

Step 7: Draw a Pony Tail

Now, sketch out a long s-curved pony-tail. Exaggerate it, and make it long. This is a fun thing to be able to do with cartoons.

Step 8: Erase Overlapping Lines

Now everything should be all set to erase the overlapping line and to smooth out your drawing to get it ready for colouring.

Take a look over your creation. Feel free to mod it if you wish it to look like someone you know to be able to give them a cool cartoon present. (Just make sure you credit me with the help ;) )

Step 9: Color in your Cartoon Woman

Now you are free to choose your own colours, but I chose the ones specifically to match one of my favorite outfits she wears. Also, the color of skin and eyes reflect that of my partners.

When you create a cartoon woman, make sure it's flattering to her or you may get a good slap in the face!

Now that you've learned how to draw a cartoon woman, feel free to send me a pic of your creation!

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Cyndi said...

I hadn't seen this one. Very well done. I like the use of the 's' as reference for the body.