Friday, June 18, 2010

How to Draw an Easy Cartoon Dinosaur: T-Rex

The great and terrible Tyrannosaurus Rex can be a fun lovable pal in cartoons. Learn how to draw an easy cartoon T-Rex and you'll have the coolest most dangerous pal ever.

This T-Rex is fairly simple, hope you'll enjoy this drawing tutorial so you'll be able to create your own goofy dinosaur character. 

Step 1: Draw a Jurassic Outline

The shapes on the T-Rex I'm making aren't your standard simple shapes. If you find it too hard to draw these shapes, draw the closest shape to it (like the head as an oval) and then draw the shapes I've given you using the simple shapes as a guide.

The Tyrannosaurus' body is about twice the size of the head.

Step 2: Give Your T-Rex some Feet

Draw in the T-Rex's feet and give him some sharp claws and have his legs come to nearly a v-shape from the body to the ankle.

Step 3: Sketch a Head

Draw in a big mouth and sharp squiggles for teeth. Two ovals for eyes with an oval in each for the pupils. Draw two arches over the eyes to give the effect that the eyes are still in his head.

Throw in two little ovals for the nostrils.

Step 4: TRex Tummy and Arms

T-Rex arms are very small, give him little arms with small pointy fingers hanging down

Give him a tummy tag to break up the monotony of the body shape.

Step 5: Erase Lines and Colour Your Cartoon Dinosaur

Erase the overlapping lines and colour in your Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Now you've learned how to draw a simple T-Rex, you do think you can work on adding in some extra details? If you do, feel free to add a link to it in the comments!

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Lee Anne said...

all your cartoons are great Coady, Maybe you should be thinking of making a book!!??