Saturday, July 3, 2010

How to draw an Easy Cartoon Elephant

Learn how to draw an easy cartoon Elephant and you will have a cartoon character that people will never forget.

This elephant is the pride and joy of the Big Top Circus so much so that his name is Big Top. Sadly though, shows have been cancelled recently due to his extreme peanut addiction. His twelve step program includes apologizing to all of the children he has stolen peanuts from in the past.

Here we have a picture of Big Top about to fall of the peanut wagon.

Step 1: Sketch a Plump Elephant Body

Make a big oval for the body with a circular shape for the head. At the bottom of the head make a sharp point for the mouth.

Now draw a little tail on the behind that looks kind of like a candle with a flame. 

Step 2: Draw Elephant Legs

Draw legs underneath, curving down and in. Three little bumps for toes, a couple of horizontally curved lines to show the saggy knees.

Remember the legs in the background don't need all sides drawn and should appear slightly shorter to give depth.

Step 3: Draw an Elephant Face

For the eyes, draw two ovals side-by-side with the left eye overlapping the right. Draw two pupils in the bottom center of the eyes.

For the trunk, start at the bottom right eye and draw the line curved round to the end of the trunk. Draw the end of the trunk like a big lips that are able to open and close. Finish the trunk up to where the top of the mouth will sit.

The mouth will include the point created at the bottom of the head.

The ears come out the sides of the head and look very similar to wings. 

Step 4: Erase Overlapping Lines

Erase all the overlapping lines that may be left. Take note around the legs and the face.

Ensure that the forehead and the trunk are in front of the right ear by erasing the line of the body that overlaps the head and erase the line of the head that overlaps the trunk area. 

Step 5: Colour Your Cartoon Elephant

Elephants are usually gray but you of course can colour it any colour you want. Feel free to change some of the features to make him your own.

Now that you know how to draw a cartoon elephant you can have tons (littlerally) of fun with Big Top at the Big Top Circus.


Gipsy said...

I like it. It looks simple, and even I can attempt to do it. Great!

CoadyTNP said...

Thanks Gipsy!
Love to see how yours turns out!